Subroutine callgeneration(x,y,z,generation,ind)

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Subroutine callgeneration is activated by $usegenfunc. After activation. The program will call this subroutine. This subroutine is save in file libcallgen.f90

subroutine callgeneration(x,y,z,generation,ind) 
use global2d  
implicit none 
real*8,intent(in) :: x,y,z  ! x,y,z is the position program sent to the subroutine.
real*8, intent(inout) :: generation  ! a returned value (positive value)
integer, intent(in) :: ind   ! Node number in the program
generation = 000.0d0 ! This is an example to return 0, you can return any positive value depending on your simulation case. 
 ! print*,x,y,z, generation
 ! print*, "You should not call ddcc.exe to run callgeneration. You should use 2D-ddcc-dyna.exe to run it."
 ! stop
end subroutine