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This function is to determine how the segment is divided. There are two columns to fill in. The first column i should be filled in an integer 0, 1, or 2.

i = 0: Uniform. This means the segment is divided equally with the same spacing.
i = 1: Gradual. This means the segment is divided whether from small spacing to large spacing or in the opposite way.
i = 2: Bump. This means the segment can be divided into two forms small-large-small or large-small-large.

The second column r should be filled in a real number. number 1 for gradual this means the spacing between each point becomes smaller.

If r < 1 If r = 1 If r > 1
Uniform (0) uniform uniform uniform
Gradual (1) large -> small uniform small -> large
Bump (2) large -> small -> large uniform small -> large -> small


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