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$usechannelaveT is the command to ask the Poisson drift-diffusion solver solver to use average temperature in the defined region to solve the problem. When this function is activated, the program will get solve the average temperature in the assigned ranges.
The format is

x_left x_right y_top y_bottom 

The solver will obtain the average temperature from the thermal solver in the assigned range. The region is
x_left< x < x_right (\mu m)
y_bottom < y < y_top (\mu m)

For example: 
$usechannelaveT 20.00 80.00 4.500 3.200

related commands:

$heatsource, $timeevolve, $usechannelaveT, $heatiterative, $thermaldiff
$maxTlimit, $useevversusT, $heatbndistance, $heatsolvebytime