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$2ndgateaddbarrier is a special function that will be rarely used. It means add an addtional potential barrier on the gate's Schottky barrier. This means that the final Schottky barrier in the gate is the orginal gate barrier plus this. i.e.

 \Phi_{B,G}=\Phi_{B,G} + $2ndgateaddbarrier   

However, if user knows the Schottky barrier, he can directly set  \Phi_{B,G}=\Phi_{B,G} + $2ndgateaddbarrier
This command is not needed.

This commands actually used when the $affinity command is used. When the affinity command is used. The Schottky barrier at gate contact is equal to

  \Phi_{B,G}= \Phi_{m} (metal workfunction) - \chi_{semiconductor}   

But in many cases, due to the surface pinning, the Schottky is not equal to this value. Therefore, we will need to add additional barrier on this.

For example:


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